A few questions regarding haxe.MainLoop

First off I’m new, haven’t even typed a single line of haxe yet. I’ve been digging a bit though and the first question I have regards haxe.MainLoop. I noticed that the libuv package at incorporates haxe.mainloop to some degree within it’s own loop (haxe/Loop.hx at 09dbe21254f0a5dda6e65184c6a430401059f618 · HaxeFoundation/haxe · GitHub), yet sys.net.socket->select() doesn’t. A brief search of the haxe codebase showed that mainloop only comes up in a few places. This leads me to the question how often is haxe.mainloop used in realworld haxe applications? Additionally, if I was to use socket->select(), would it be normal practice to have it return immediately after polling a socket set or would it normally be allowed to block until an event takes place within the socket set? Thanks

Just to clarify (if not obvious), this would be server side so I presume it would not generally involve a UI event loop.