11 years before, Haxe on the cover of a programming magazine :)

Hej !

I just found this old article I’ve written about Haxe for a magazine (in the USA I think…) “Flash&Flex Magazine” that has become the main topic, yet 11 years ago ! Flash & Flex Developer Magazine — HaXe New Way to Dock (1/2008) by rost - Issuu. Memories… :slight_smile:

Just to say, I’ve discovered Haxe just at its first release after MTASC, in 2006 and I’m still programming with it everywhere I go.
Many thanks to Nicolas Cannasse and all the contributors !



Yes, haxe is a language with the excellent design. It’s a pity the world continues to pretend it doesn’t exist:(

I remember in the past, at the begining, nobody believied in this language, everywhere I purposed Haxe, everybody was like wolves against me and my UFO Haxe, I had to fight agains the world…
Even some of “famous coders” in the Flash world (I don’t want to name them but some are working with Haxe now and even are “spearkers” in meetings ^^) used to tell me stupid things against Haxe. I even heard “What if Nicolas die ?” lol Why the f**k do you want make die this guy ? ^^ And even that, Haxe in the past was really stable and better than AS3 compiler (we worked in Flash world), and even Haxe is open- source, and even, and even …
Time is my best friend :slight_smile:

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Aah, lots of nostalgia down this memory lane… Thanks, Michal! .-)