WIP .d.ts -> .hx project

Hey all,

I’m opening up my progress on a TypeScript definitions to haxe externs converter

Update (2020): this is now ready to use!

It takes the approach of using type information provided by the TypeScript compiler which helps resolve some of the trickiest parts of previous attempts

It’s not yet ready to use and I don’t have the bandwidth to progress it in the short term (but will be back at it later in the summer), however I’m aware this is a feature a lot of people are keen to have so I’ve opened up the repo to help anyone else working on something similar :slight_smile:.

It will take a fair amount of effort to get into it – the TS compiler doesn’t have a lot of documentation and doesn’t fully expose everything we need so you’ll need to read through the comments in TS compiler to get a handle on things. After getting this far I’m feeling very confident a robust and reliable converter is possible :)!