WebLiero - A game made with Haxe

Hi everyone,

I’ve released WebLiero, a clone of the classic DOS game Liero, but with online multiplayer and works in the browser. [Gameplay video]

WebLiero might be too niche to ever get any serious player base going, but Liero has always had an important place in my heart and I’ve always wanted to make a proper multiplayer clone of it. So here it is.

It’s using the same engine I made for my previous game HaxBall. It makes heavy use of a lot of Haxe’s unique features like macros, abstracts and inline constructors. It truly would have been a lot harder to implement without them.

Just wanted to share and give my thanks to the Haxe development team for this great language that has helped me make things for about 10 years.


Nice, congratulations on the release!

Would you be interested in writing a blog post for It would be neat to highlight some of Haxe’s features and how they helped you in practice.

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It looks cool, but why such a strange controls? WASD + mouse would be much more convenient and dynamic.

@Simn: I’d love to do it, but I’m so slow at writing those kind of things… I couldn’t spend that time at the moment. If it’s fine with you I’ll keep it in mind and contact you if I get the time + I am in the right mood.

@RedHeadEatBread: It’s the same controls as the original DOS game, I tried to be as faithful to it as possible.

Yeah sure, no problem!

Very nice games, simple but very fun! Thanks for sharing. Regarding the business aspect of it, do you make a living off those (I saw that HaxBall seems to have a somewhat big community/high traffic) or are those just a hobby of yours?

@fullofcaffeine: I do not make a living out of it, not any more at least. Many years ago the ads were profitable enough but now they just barely pay for the servers and a coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

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A little gory but it looks super fun! I had a network error so I couldn’t play unfortunately.