Try the new try.haxe!

Just about every programming language nowadays allows users to try it out directly in the browser. Haxe is, of course, no exception. For years, users created and shared Haxe code on And now, that site has finally received a well-deserved update!

Thanks to the efforts of RblSb and AlexHaxe, try.haxe now works better than ever before! Some of its features include:

  • Compilation to JavaScript, Neko and HashLink, as well as direct execution in Haxe’s own interpreter
  • Modern ES6 JavaScript output
  • Support for various Haxe versions, from Haxe 3.4 to the most recent development builds
  • Haxe’s powerful optimizations for clean code
  • Macros!
  • Various popular Haxe libraries
  • Easy embedding
  • Selection of interesting code examples that highlight various Haxe features
  • Dark mode for people who like their eyes

We would also like to thank clemos for his work on the original try.haxe, mrcdk for his inspiring work on a custom version, and Mark Knol for making sure everything looks good

Try the new try.haxe today!


Great news! Thanks to the team!

Thanks to you all!