SmartPref Pro released

Hey folks, I am very proud to announce that my long-developed game is finally live in app store and google play. This is a card game Preferans, quite popular in Eastern Europe. It also has a crash-course so if you know how to play relative games like Bridge, Prefa or Vist, you will find yourself comfortable with playing Preferans as well!

Game is free to play with some paying options for extended functionality, like online game and custom conventions.

Some tech details: app and server both are made with 100% haxe, heavily relying on coconut and tink (app is react native and server is nodejs). My huge love and appreciation to @back2dos and @kevinresol for maintaining those frameworks, it is a great pleasure to write the code with those! Few words about coconut if you never tried it - despite the name this is a real gem that allows one to seamlessly translate business requirements into reactive code that is both easy to comprehend and execute. So if you ever happened to stuck in callback or maintenance hell in your projects and you are looking forward to improve things then coconut is very worth a try.