Hi All,

Last year, I released a game called Printersim, programmed entirely within the Haxe language (with support from the Lime framework). It’s a game that defies convention. I’m pretty sure nothing else like it exists, which is probably a good thing because no one asked for a game about a printer.


The premise:
You have to print a report for work. You have 14 days and not a lot of money, and so you’re forced to sell your worldy possessions. This is not a game for those that want an easy, frustration-free experience. It’s for those that want a game whose layers peel back to reveal something unexpected.

What people have said about it so far:

  • “This is less point and click adventure and more a rogue-like resource management game”
  • “It’s like if Stephen King became a game developer”
  • “There are so many layers that it really does keep you coming back”
  • “10/10 would sell my house again”
  • “I loved and hated every minute of this so far.”

There’s a free demo that you can check it out here: Printersim on Steam :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re planning on doing a final update in November after which it’ll just be bug fixes.