Opam switch?

That’s tricky to answer. Technically Haxe does not even depends on opam. We can “install” the OCaml libraries in some other ways, e.g. using the Debian packages, or manually build the libraries and place them to some places. But the easiest way should still be using opam.

I guess we can even use opam 1 and make use of those opam 2 libs, by installing those opam 2 libs using non-opam methods. But again, the easiest way should still be using opam 2…

I had trouble getting opam 2 to work on all three operating systems where I tried it. Mostly because of, but maybe there’s an obvious solution to this that I’m missing.

But you’re right, as long as we can manage to install the dependencies “somehow” we should be fine.

Bloody hell this feels good:


Thanks for the kind words!

it’s seem you have to choose which version

# environment setup
opam init
eval `opam env`
# install given version of the compiler
opam switch create 4.08.1
eval `opam env`
# check you got what you want
which ocaml
ocaml -version