Looking for Haxe developer for outsourcing relationship

I am in an interesting position. I created a software product using Haxe that may be marketable enough that I require more developers than just myself to properly serve clients. I am hoping to make contact with one or more Haxe developers who would be available for remote work in a long term trusted relationship. I don’t require a commitment in terms of hours per week right now but I would require the following:

  • Signing an NDA before obtaining code or client details
  • Skills in as many of the following as possible: Haxe, OpenFL, Away3D or other 3D engine, Git, FeathersUI, Blender, Photoshop

Persons located in Europe could possibly be a better fit due to this opportunity I am seeking, but this is not an absolute must. If you are already an active participant in the Haxe community that will be an advantage also.

If anyone is interested please send me a direct message in this forum and we can start talking. Thanks!


could you write me?

I could. Who are you?

I am developer =)

Check my game:
Repo: GitHub - educc/flappy-game

I can provide more details about me by a direct message.

Okay please send a direct message, thanks!

I sent you a DM on the OpenFL Forum by mistake.

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