HaxeFlixel RPG project

Hello everyone!

Looking for someone to code the bones of this project so I can expand upon it, as my time has been very tight lately and I’d appreciate help with the groundwork. I will provide all UI design, graphics and concepts, so this is purely a coding job with no guesswork required.

I want to create a basic RPG with client-server communication / validation using SmartFox. I’ve created a similar project before and plan to take care of all of the networking code. I’m looking for help creating the base project (map layout, character movement, menu UI, dialogs, etc…).

The concept is an overworld where players can walk around, solo or as a party, and get into random battles. The design has a retro GB/NES aesthetic, so the scale of everything is pixel perfect and low resolution (256 x 144px).

I’ve attached some mockup GIFs, but more complete versions and specific work details are available on request. Please note that a signed NDA is required before I release full mockups, detailed info and graphic assets. This post is meant to provide a general sense of the game mechanics.

World & Map

  • Overworld with standard top-down view of your character.
  • Walking on a specific tile will transfer them to a new room and load new map data.
  • Basic world map that displays players current location based on general area
  • Some rooms can act as a “town”, which is a checkpoint. These can be fast-traveled back to from a menu option.

Text & Menu

  • Dialogs with a text printer and clickable menu lists. All menu items should be able to be controlled with either the keyboard or mouse / touch.
  • Swappable text stored using a localization system, to support multiple translations

Player Movement & Object Interaction

  • Movement is grid and tile based, works by using keyboard or touching a direction around the character
  • Collision is only checked between map objects and NPCs. Players can overlap, with the main character sprite (and party) always drawn on top.
  • Player can interact with specific objects by walking up to it and then either pressing the confirmation key or tapping the object

Player Stats & Gear

  • User has the following persistent data: Stats, Player state, Money, Weapon, Special Item, Item pack, Item chest, Player Home data. Can be populated with dummy data for now.

Player Home

  • Every time the user logs in, they start in their home. The layout of the room changes depending on the room ID. The wallpaper ID and floor ID change the graphic for the wallpaper and floor, respectively.
  • The user can choose to travel to a different map from the computer near the door.

Player Settings

Users can open a menu when traveling and select from commands from a list, which will be populated with dummy data for now:

  • Stats - Views own player stats
  • Item Pack - Allows players to see a list of their items and use an item
  • Look Around - See a list of players in current room, with a few interaction options after selecting their name
  • Notices - View pending server notices, friend invites or party invites
  • Groups - Party and Friends submenu
  • Map - View current location and quick travel options
  • Options - A few locally stored values, such as UI settings

Battle System

  • Basic battle system. User / enemy will have client-side code for testing, but I will later replace it with network interaction.
  • Unique attacks, effects and animations, which play out for a set amount of time. I’d like to setup just a few test attacks.
  • Defeated players are transferred back to their home


  • Can be set to idle or walk within a given area.
  • Talking to an NPC can bring up a menu or dialog.

Hopefully this gives you the overall gist of things - I’m flexible with paring things down if needed. As mentioned, more complete details are available upon request. I tried to embed more images, but new users are only allowed one attachment per post.

If this project interests you, send me a PM and we can exchange details and discuss compensation.

Thank for you all for your time!