Haxe as an AU/VST builder

hello folks,

trust the day is treating you all well.

this question pops up in many forums from possibly just myself, mainly when I work with specific languages, I really want to work in certain fields.

but has anyone looked at or know of using haxe to develop audio unit [macOS] & VST plugins for DAW s like Logic, Ableton etc?
since haxe is capable of many things. but audio stuff is something that I have not seen much off. but its possibly one of my biggest wants for languages I work with.
ive even looked at Rust & D most recently, but in reality id love to stay with haxe.

I have heard about using juce externs with haxe, but in reality, it would be great to use the apple own audio unit maker code [which sadly is not in Xcode anymore. though I do have the AUv2 files for trying things in Xcode] - but really any way to make AU/VST would be great within haxe

if anyone, ANYONE has any ideas. please do let me know. it would be good to learn some stuff. or get help converting things from the apple source code to haxe

thanks & all the best

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I guess though by converting, I mean creating externs :wink: