HashLink examples

I find HashLink to be a very appealing platform for cross-platform development but getting started with it is a bit hard due to lack of documentation and examples of its API usage. For me anyway. So I decided to invest some time to learn as much as possible about the API shipped with the VM and create some examples in the process. With help of the community I managed to assemble a very basic example of SDL (hlsdl) usage:

My next goal is to learn more about the OpenAL API. Any suggestions of learning resources and existing examples (as well as examples contributions) are welcome :slight_smile:


Beautiful. Can you add following sample?


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My basic example touches upon VBOs a little bit but my goal is more about learning “how-to’s” of HashLink API. Like how to use SDL/OpenGL with HashLink but not SDL/OpenGL itself :slight_smile: But surely more elaborate examples can be useful as well! I have a lot of blank spots in my OpenGL knowledge so maybe someday I’ll tackle this article to fill them up :slight_smile:

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Added a basic OpenAL example:


Haxe OpenGL 渲染橘色的三角形