Golgi and ADADT

I recently gave a short talk on the Golgi generic routing library. I got a lot of good feedback from the folks at the Haxe Summit, and I wanted to open a small thread for any further discussion.

There’s some planned changes before I put a stable version together:

  1. Break out the ADADT transform into its own repo/library. The ADADT is the powerful abstraction at the heart of Golgi. It may be useful on its own in other contexts.
  2. Provide a @:genericBuild implementation of the ADADT transform, making it easier to specify/use. (from discussion with @ncannasse)
  3. Change the base Api from a class instance to an implemented interface (@ncanasse).
  4. Allow for “overrides” of request arguments via type unification. (from discussions with @back2dos).
  5. Better explanation of Golgi limitations and constraints (from discussions with @jcward).
  6. Better testing/polish.

If there’s any other questions or suggestions, be sure to post them here. Thanks!