Contributing to Haxe Manual is easier than ever

Thanks to the great works of Aurel everyone can now edit just markdown files to contribute to the Haxe Manual!

In the old setup we used LaTeX, which was converted to markdown for the website generator so the conversion step is easier for us now. Also, some users found LaTeX confusing so we removed this friction.

Take a look at the of the HaxeManual to get the fine details about the structure and how to deal with links, sections, labels, code blocks, etc.

Contribute by doing a pull request

  1. Clone the HaxeFoundation/HaxeManual repository
  2. Navigate to the ./content/ folder
  3. Pick the markdown file and edit it.
  4. Make a fork of the HaxeManual, push your changes to a new branch on your fork
  5. Do a pull request

Contribute from the website

Even easier is to use edit using the GitHub website, it has build-in markdown preview.

  1. Each page in the manual has this link, press it!
  2. Press the edit button on GitHub
  3. Edit the documentation and press “Propose File Change” image

Alternative ways of contributing to the manual

Contributing doesn’t always mean you have to do the hard part of writing text. Helping spotting incorrect/missing parts content is very useful too.

We believe that this change should encourage Haxe users to make changes more easily and hope you help on the open source Haxe eco system too.


Great to see this! Thank you @Aurel300 !

Is the new rendered manual available anywhere yet? (I see still has the previous version.) Although I can read the pages right at github, the the code assets of course don’t show up there.

Yep It’s available on staging dot haxe dot org (this isn’t an url we want to promote much).

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