Comparing haxe dart typescript and wasm

I published a new bench, based on this old post (2014) , focused on TypeScript, Haxe, and Dart.


Good work! Can you add a legend to the chart so it is clear which bar is which? People might be better able to copy/paste it into their big corporate presentations that way. :slight_smile:

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…or you could colour-code the first column of the table.

Maybe a * near the Haxe size with a precision that it includes typed arrays polyfills for old browsers.

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@elsassph @Confidant, job done

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Maintenant c’est parfait, merci!

I added Webassembly, and haxe compile faster, has a smaller output and is closed to wasm regarding it’s performance.


Those benchmarks should be promoted outside this forum, what do you think @pchertok ?

I’ve retweeted the benchmarks and am happy to do it again. If we had a few more “real-life” use cases I’m sure I could turn it into a proper article.