AS/3 to JS (React) via HAXE

AS3 to React via HAXE…

Hi I have 4 applications created in AS/3 for use inside Adobe Connect meeting rooms. I’m looking into the cost of moving them to “html5” ie javascript probably ending up in react.

The apps are well structured and commented, use a python backend for data and some related microservices.
These are business apps NOT flash graphics / games.
The code was created by professionals and has been stable in AS3 for many years (as bug free as you can get with AS/3 flash).

Anyone here interested in quoting me for the work?
Obviously there will be some initial investigations into the code to establish the complexity / feasibility / time involved.

Yoiu can see some demo views of the apps in action on YouTube James Booth - YouTube


you can see some information about the current apps here (with some demo videos embedded on the page)