Yesterdays Bavarian Haxe Meetup

(Adrian V) #1

Yesterday we had our first Haxe Meetup. We had nice talks about Haxe and more. I want to thank all of the participants for their coming.
We will continue to meet on regular base and want to invite more Haxe users to come to the next event. We will keep you informed when this will happen.
Cheers, Adrian.

(Michael Bickel) #2

Awesome to see your efforts gaining traction!

I’d definitely love to stop by and join a meetup at some point in the future!

Cheers from Karlsruhe

(Allan Dowdeswell) #3

Please tell me you had schweinshaxe for lunch.

(Adrian V) #4

no, but one of next meetings we will go the Haxnbauer ! :wink: