Using sys in nodejs target

I am trying to move to haxe in order to be able target both js and php,

I must have access to fs and to http requests.

So far it seems that the js target does not support sys, the docs mention hxnodejs but this doesn’t seem to polyfill but that I must use conditional compilation like

function web_request(url:String):String{
  #if sys

Sunce haxe integrates that fine with js I am wondering if thats true or not

what do you see that makes you think it doesnt do that? from my experience it should just work, but i also havent used every feature in the sys api on node so i maybe i just havent used something that doesnt work yet.

It would be helpful if it did, but getting the full sys api seems tricky. If you come over useful polyfills I guess they could be submitted as pull requests.

I believe what you’re looking for is GitHub - HaxeFoundation/hxnodejs: Haxe externs for working with node.js

Install and add the lib to your project and you’ll have access to both of apis

Thanks for pointing to that issue, I will try to see how far I could get

It complaints while compiling, maybe you are using a flag or something?