Using Mongo from Haxe with node.js as the platform

We are building a server in Haxe to run on the node.js platform. Does anyone have recommendations for how to use the Mongo DB from Haxe when node.js is the platform?

I created a (not complete) externs for node Mongo driver… But you can give a try to GitHub - kevinresol/mongo: Pure Haxe MongoDB Driver

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It seems like there are externs for mongo in the nodejs library ( We were using hxnodejs ( which seems not to support Mongo.

It seems like these libraries are trying to solve the same problem. Is it possible to use both, or should we choose one?

And I just noticed that js-kit from GitHub - clemos/haxe-js-kit: Haxe tools and externs for Javascript and Node.js supports mongoose. So, it seems that’s another option.

I knows that Mongo guys not like mongoose very much :slight_smile: any way… Create externs is super easy