Unable to build on windows haxe 4.2.3

I am a beginner in using haxelibs (I became familiar with haxe syntx by writing js/php libraries), I am trying to make a webserver application using monsoon, (i am used to coffeescript/node/express).

It doesn’t build, and i am unable to figure it out, I couldn’t decide if its Monsoon related or my poor haxelib knowledge, so please forgive for asking here Monsoon related queries.

Here is my code

package maine;

using Monsoon;
 * ...
 * @author 
class Main 
	static function main() 
		var app = new Monsoon();

		app.route('/', function (req, res)
		  res.send('Hello World')


This is my command line
haxe Main.hx --main Main -L hxnodejs -L monsoon -js test.js

And these are the errors

C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\monsoon/0,5,0/src/monsoon/Response.hx:9: characters 8-27 : Type not found :
C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\monsoon/0,5,0/src/monsoon/Response.hx:29: characters 34-45 : Type not found : IdealSource

Same errors from HaxeDevelop

I looked quickly and it seems that became at some point.

monsoon last update was 4 years ago, while tink libraries are still updated.
You’ll have trouble making it work, unless you use some really old tink versions.

Maybe try tink_web? It looks similar to monsoon, but is actively maintained.

Thanks, will probably go with that.

One reason I chose originally Monsoon was, because I thought to use it in production with haxecpp and so keep the world greener.

One question, is there a writing about recent popular libs that people use for solid infrastructure?