Twinspire - a new website and tools

Twinspire has been around for a while but it hasn’t been worked on much mainly because I’ve spent the last year working with it and making a video game. A lot of the code that I was using in my video game I have refactored out and placed inside the Core module which now contains the following features:

  • Basic Application Handling and automatic event listening
  • Event and Render Loop
  • Preset Preloaders and the ability to create a custom Preloader
  • Create and manage back buffers
  • Manage resources in groups with the Resource API.
  • Basic Animation utility
  • StaticBuilder if you prefer coding procedural-style (like me).
  • ExtraMath for additional mathematics functions like random, min and max (which gets either the lowest or highest value from an array of values), and others.

Twinspire is planned to have an editor that work has started on. To help provide updates, I have built a website which you can find here for your leisure, which also includes custom API documentation (still work-in-progress):

Let me know what you think or if you have any issues working with Twinspire.


I have added some much needed tutorials onto the website if you would like to better understand Twinspire and start using it properly without having to figure most of it out yourself.

Hopefully these tutorials are good enough for both beginners and the more advanced in this community!