Sqlite in C# target

I am looking for details on how to set up Sqlite with sys.db package that I need in a C# mobile app. The docs says I need > SQLite ADO.NET Provider but there is not enough details.

Do I need an assembly file of it in my haxe project?
Do I need to reference it in my build.hxml to compile my haxe project into .net compatible dll - which is my goal?
I completed the installation given in the linked website ADO website in the docs and installed it on my mac - but what should be done next?

I have created some documentation around the system languages.


Sadly the only thing I never investigated is C#…
But perhaps it will help you a bit?

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I think I will be using a nuget package which has the necessary driver in it: NuGet Gallery | SQLite.Net.Standard 1.0.0

There is a dll inside the nuget’s folder where it is installed. And it should be possible to consume the dll by specifying it in the *.hxml: .NET version and external libraries - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit

Maybe I will miss out something by not using the Haxe sys.db.sqlite.

The above nuget is for .Net Standard which means it should compatible with any project type in .net and thus support a wide range of platforms.