[SOLVED] Mocking library for haxe unit test libraries

was preparing for TDD workshop, wanted to use haxe for it, but realised that I can not find any mocking library that works, only one what I find was mockotoo but event that is not working with haxe4.

I am missing out something or haxers dont write tests :slight_smile:

any info welcome.

Thank you

That fork is Haxe4 compatible GitHub - DoclerLabs/mockatoo: A cross platform mocking framework for Haxe. Supports JavaScript, Flash, C++, PHP and Neko.

Hi, @aliokan I tried that but got error when tried to install from git, need to use specific branch ?

We are using master branch, what is your error message?



haxelib git mockatoo https://github.com/DoclerLabs/mockatoo.git src


Failed to download https://lib.haxe.org:443/files/3.0/mconsole-1,6,1.zip. (3/3)
Http Error #403

I think that should be:

haxelib git mockatoo https://github.com/DoclerLabs/mockatoo.git master src
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@Gama11yes this helped thank you