[SOLVED] How can I cast to generic type without knowing T?

I am using the threejs library in haxe, and I encountered a type detection problem when practicing the official case code:

object.traverse(function (child) {
     if ((child as THREE.Mesh).isMesh) {   
           // do something

where in haxe THREE.Mesh is defined as

extern class Mesh<TGeometry, TMaterial> extends Object3D<Event>

I’cant just call(cast child: Mesh).isMesh, there will be “no enough parameters” error, what should i do?

Looks like I’m not skilled enough in web development and Haxe,After trying it out, I found that I can use the console to see the loaded stack of model objects and see their concrete types,and then,i can write like:
(cast child : SkinnedMesh(BufferGeometry, MeshPhongMaterial)) ,
On the other hand, it looks like this question is asking a bit odd

Since Haxe 4.0.0 some new features have been added, it is also possible to write:

var isMesh = js.Syntax.code("child.isMesh");

Although it is not suitable for some scenarios, I don’t know if there is a better way for this case.

can you share the part of your haxe code where this casting occurs or where you’re checking against isMesh?

Ok, I just rewriting the official Threejs case code in Haxe, which was written in js, and encountered a type conversion detection:

(child as THREE.Mesh).isMesh

At first I wanted to write like this in haxe

(cast child: THREE.Mesh).isMesh

But this doesn’t work, Mesh is generic type and needs to receive two parameters

Later I tried using the above two methods,And after the haxiomic prompt, you can also write like this:

child is three.Mesh
(cast child: Mesh<Any, Any>)

For more details,you can see this https://github.com/haxiomic/haxe-threejs-template/issues/7

Shouldn’t be enough to write untyped child.isMesh ?