Nothing on Build & Run

Hello all.
I followed this guide to get started, but after executing haxe html5.hxml, nothing seems to happen.
I don’t get any error, but no window opens.
Is there something in particular I must do?

It looks like you should open the index.html file in a browser.

Oh dear.
I read too fast, I guess. I saw…

Compiling and exeucting this application couldnt be simpler, in the same terminal window simply use:

haxe html5.hxml

…but missed…

In a second or two the haxe command will complete and you will have a Main.js along side the index.html in the build/html5 folder. Simply open that file in any browser by double clicking on it and you will see a basic button:

Got it. It worked. :smiley: Thanks.

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