.net compatible dll with cpp target

If I understood correctly there are .net compatible c++ dlls and there none .net compatible ones. Is there some way to specifying having the dll .net compatible in the c++ target?

I am looking to use the dll in .Net Standard in C#, but would like to avoid using the C# target as I am looking to use sqlite and would wish to avoid having to use multiple drivers, for each target - and stick to the c++ one.

Also a side issue is compilation. It seems I need to be on windows as I can’t produce anything else than .dylib even though I used dll_link and such defines, on mac.

It was not possible to go around the problem using docker, since it requires host pc (the computer you use docker with).

However it should be possible to use an Azure Cloud Function to do a Visual Studio compilation in it - that should be a .net compatible dll. It is possible to use an Azure CLI with cmd.

# yada
# yada
# yada .. haxe normal compilation

# do a cloud function call with Azure CLI and send the source code
-cmd az --version

I will go around problem like so I believe

Actually it should be better to specifically be using Visual Studio Build: Visual Studio Build build and release task - Azure Pipelines | Microsoft Docs and cloud MSBuild to preform the compilation.

I am not 100% yet though - that it can get .Net (Standard) compatible (to be used in Xamarin) with Visual Studio so I will look to confirm that as well.

It turned out there is no way to reference a dll from C++ in C# - at least not in .net core and using it in .net standard library: c# - Managed C++ with .NET Core 2.1 - Stack Overflow
I will probably have to learn P/Invoke or consider again to use C# target and setup the needed driver