Neon Green Haxe Newbie asking three basic retard questions hoping for answers


I am very VERY NEW to Haxe, new as in NEON GREEN NEW ;p

Never touched Haxe before but would like to get started coming from a Flash 8 background (Actionscript 2).

Here are my following questions if a mentor have the time to answer:

1: I LOVE the concept of Movieclip and its internal timeline, can I use Flash 8 to create the swf containing the necessary timelines and their timebased animation and utilize the swf using Haxe ?

2: If the answer is yes, can those movieclips that Haxe is ultilizing have their own internal basic gotoAndPlay scripts ?(Actionscript 2, even though AS3 and AS2 gotoAndPlay does the exact same thing.)

3: If the answer is STILL yes to the two, since Haxe can compile for HTML 5, what really is happening here ? Haxe Decompile the swf and recompile it into HTML 5 ?

Welcome to haxe :slight_smile:

Haxe is a language, so compared to the flash ecosystem it’s like actionscript.
And actually the syntax isn’t too far from as3 AS3 to Haxe Quick Guide - HaxeDev

That means that haxe doesn’t have the concept of an editor, or a timeline.

If you are targeting only the haxe’s flash target then you can use swf files but that might only be for libraries not timeline things. Doing this won’t let you compile to something other than the flash target.

Coming from a flash background you’ll likely want to use the openfl library which implements the flash api for several targets including html5, native desktop and mobile.

It has swf support, and the following answers are for openfl not raw haxe:
(though I’m not too familiar with it so my answers might be slightly inaccurate)

  1. Yes you can use a swf to import the graphics. For the animation it seems to only support “classic tweens” not “new motion tweens” or “shape tweens”.

  2. You can’t use timeline scripts, and if support for this was added you’d have to use haxe scripting not as2 or as3.

  3. So the answer isn’t yes to both previous question but as far as I know openfl does decompile the swf or something similar.


Reply to first Answer:
Thanks for the verification, you have clarified it for me by stating that Haxe is a language and not language+IDE like Actionscript 1 & 2.

Reply to second Answer:
Thank you for the clarification, now I know Use swf = Only Flash Targets so might as well just use Flash IDE.

Reply to Third Answer:
This last answer from you is SUPER.
Now I have to find out more about OpenFL and let Haxe go for now instead, for now…


Sorry if it wasn’t clear, openfl is a haxe library which allows you to use the flash api from haxe.