neko2.1:How to get PID of the current process

neko2.1:How to get PID of the current process? are there any api about that ?

It’s currently not possible with the existing API. You might be able to figure it out using Sys.command but that would involve platform specific code.

I try to use python to get this function.

 Show current pid

   nekoc getpid.neko
   neko getpid

var sys_get_pid = $loader.loadprim("std@sys_get_pid", 0);


I’m pretty sure this was added in NekoVM 1.4.5, according to the CHANGES file, way back in aught 6; before my time. :slight_smile:

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To put a more positive spin on this thread outcome. Neko has many (almost) secret powers (until you bump into the right hint).

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