Is NekoVM good for production?

I came across NekoVM and it seems like a small and fast VM, has there been a game that just targeted Neko in production?

Neko is more or less considered legacy at this point. Consider looking into the “spiritual successor” HashLink instead, which is used by popular Steam titles such as Dead Cells and Northgard.

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AFAIK neko has been used by MotionTwin (the company at which Nicolas was when he created Haxe) for all server side parts of their MMOGs. For that, neko is still a relatively decent choice today, although I suspect that nodejs or the jvm are a safer bet.

As for game clients (or standalone games for that matter), I have never heard about it being used. On its own, neko can’t really put anything on screen, so you either need to embed it in an engine (don’t think anyone did that) or make bindings to some graphics library. The most serious attempt to do so was made by Hugh (under the programmatic name of “GameHaxe”) and culminated in the “Neko Media Engine”, an implementation of the flash player API for neko. The performance wasn’t all too great (IIRC the overhead of draw calls was too high), which is why Hugh created the hxcpp backend and then the “Native Media Engine”, which led to its more popular fork OpenFl.

Long story short: if you’re using Haxe to start with, you have a whole bunch options, each of which is better than neko in some aspect (often in most of those that matter).


Ok Makes a lot of sense, now thankyou.