How to add decorators from es6 extern?

how to add decorators from es6 extern?


const {ccclass, property} = cc._decorator; 

@ccclass //how to do the same thing in haxe?

export default class NewClass extends cc.Component { 

    @property(cc.Label)    //how to do the same thing in haxe?

    label: cc.Label = null; 


        visible: false





export function Class(options?: {name?: string; extends?: Function; ctor?: Function; __ctor__?: Function; properties?: any; statics?: any; mixins?: Function[]; editor?: {executeInEditMode?: boolean; requireComponent?: Function; menu?: string; executionOrder?: number; disallowMultiple?: boolean; playOnFocus?: boolean; inspector?: string; icon?: string; help?: string; }; update?: Function; lateUpdate?: Function; onLoad?: Function; start?: Function; onEnable?: Function; onDisable?: Function; onDestroy?: Function; onFocusInEditor?: Function; onLostFocusInEditor?: Function; resetInEditor?: Function; onRestore?: Function; _getLocalBounds?: Function; }): Function;	


    export function property(options?: {type?: any; visible?: boolean|(() => boolean); displayName?: string; tooltip?: string; multiline?: boolean; readonly?: boolean; min?: number; max?: number; step?: number; range?: number[]; slide?: boolean; serializable?: boolean; formerlySerializedAs?: string; editorOnly?: boolean; override?: boolean; animatable?: boolean} | any[]|Function|cc.ValueType|number|string|boolean): Function;

js version


    extends: cc.Component,

    properties: {

        label: {

            default: null,

            type: cc.Label


        // defaults, set visually when attaching this script to the Canvas

        text: 'qestion'


    // use this for initialization

    onLoad: function () {

        this.label.string = "1";


    // called every frame

    update: function (dt) {



I’ve fixed a related issue in dts2hx, so if you upgrade to 0.11.7 and reconvert you can import the decorators as functions with import*;

import global.Cc;

class Main {

	static function main() {
			'extends': Component,
			properties: {
				label: property({
					'default': null,
					type: Label,

			onLoad: function() {
				var this_ = js.Lib.nativeThis;
				this_.lable.string = "1";

			update: function (dt) {



Maybe you could make a macro to enable using the decorators like @property { ... }

em,although you fixed that.base issue.but there are lot’s of API use es6 declared



    // get sprite component.

    var sprite = node.getComponent(cc.Sprite);

    // get custom test calss.

    var test = node.getComponent("Test");



    getComponent<T extends Component>(type: {prototype: T}): T;

I can’ t call that function like

 node. getComponent(cc.Button);//wrong in haxe..but work in typescript.

Use cast for this, node.getComponent(cast cc.Button);

Could you elaborate on why the cast is needed there? Curious.

cc.Button is a class in haxe, in the type-definitions it looks like they identify classes as an object with a prototype field. In haxe the js-prototype field isn’t exposed and so cannot be used for unification

Not much we can do about it in the converter other than pattern match for {prototype: T}, but I think it’s a sufficiently small edge case as not to be worth the effort

Edit: Maybe I could add a @:noComplete var prototype:T to all generated classes, which may remove the need for a cast

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OK that’s done, @Zhan, try again on 0.11.9 :slight_smile:

well done! it’s work ! but I still want some one can write a marco function like typescript and

es6 Decorator

You mean add a macro abstraction that generates metadata that could apply the decorators? If that could somehow be generalized, i.e: a metadata + args generated for each decorator, it’d be neat indeed. The specifics might be harder though.

@haxiomic Do you think something like that would be possible?

It’s definitely possible but not straight-forward

It could be implemented as compiler-macro that searches for expressions and types with decorator metadata and applies ast transformations or tweaks js code-gen

It’s a big project and I don’t have spare much bandwidth this summer so I’ll let someone else take that batten