Hello everyone, has the Haxe roadmap planned one day to directly target Webassembly?

All is in the title :slight_smile:

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is there even a roadmap at all?

AFAIK it is not planned for the nearest future, mostly because it doesn’t seem to make much sense right now as you can compile c++ or hashlink/c output to webassembly. This might change in future when they have the GC business finalized.

I have never compiled anything to webassembly, but having that target would certainly feel nice.

How difficult it would be to maintain I don’t know, but if not as difficult as all the other target, then it would be a very nice strategic goal, oh yes, baby.

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current only hxcpp can compile mixed haxe code with cpp code to wasm file.

it’s seem very easy to create .wasm if you use hxcpp.

but it’s seem no way to load *.wasm to hxcpp and hashlink now …