Haxelib install problem

From time to time I can’t install haxe dependencies with hmm. Here’s cmd I used with --debug flag to localize problem:
haxelib install hexunit --debug

Called from ? line 1
Called from haxelib/client/Main.hx line 1609
Called from haxelib/client/Main.hx line 161
Called from C:\projects\haxe\std/neko/Lib.hx line 65
Called from haxelib/client/Main.hx line 443
Called from haxelib/client/Main.hx line 692
Called from haxelib/client/Main.hx line 50
Called from C:\projects\haxe\std/haxe/remoting/HttpConnection.hx line 64
Called from C:\projects\haxe\std/haxe/Http.hx line 401
Called from C:\projects\haxe\std/haxe/Http.hx line 581
Called from C:\projects\haxe\std/haxe/Http.hx line 399
Called from C:\projects\haxe\std/haxe/remoting/HttpConnection.hx line 63
Uncaught exception - std@socket_write

Please help. It stops my project building process.

What OS and haxe version you’re using?

Haxe 3.4.7, win 8 - personal pc, win server 2012 - build server. Same result on the both machines.

I cannot reproduce that with Haxe 3.4.7 on my Win 10 machine. Did you install Haxe using the installer from haxe.org? When you say from time to time, do you mean that it doesn’t always fail?

Yes, it’s the official haxe installer. I mean sometimes it works.

Ah, okay, then it’s probably it’s because lib.haxe.org has been quite unstable recently. I’m still finding the root cause, and hopefully it will be stabilized soon. In the mean time you have to add some retry logic to the haxelib commands…

Thank you. If you give me a haxelib client debug version with error tracing I can tell you exact error getting from server.