Haxe remoting SPOD

Hej there !

For years I use haxe.remoting and SPOD and it’s good for me. I use remoting most for js->php requests.
But haxe.remoting is now in hx3compat and SPOD in record-macros, they are not really “maintened” and I think they will be let as it.

So I wonder what do you guys use on your side please ? I’m looking most for a simple, light libs or classes without billion of dependencies and quite up to date. Or maybe should I isolate parts of haxe.remoting and SPOD that I use and “maintain” it on my side ?

Thanks for your advices !

Seems Haxe has gone more macro on this.

Nicolas has switched over to storing data in CastleDB, which is flat file structure.
The basics use hxBit.

Back2Dos is supporting sql via tink

I experimented with storing triangles with hxBit, where I needed the data to handle sparse data, I am just writing to a file.

Did you try sending structures from js to php as hxBit and then use tink_sql to store them in a database, I am not aware of any libraries for this yet, I have not tried tink_sql yet likely it works well, but both being macro based may not always work well with nightly but probably fine with stable releases and if not probably patched pretty quickly.

tink_web and tink_sql :wink:

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Thx for your answer !

I’ve tried hxBit 2 years ago and get pretty nice results with performence vs haxe.Serializer but I’ve got some changes to do in order to make it work as expected.

Hej Kevin !
Thanks , yes I could guess your answer :smiley:
Tink things are good but as always tooooooooo many dependecies :confused:

There is a lighter hxBit, maybe the author has bit more time to help with new features or maybe the null safety it provides is enough?

Also this repo looks quite active, seems Jonas is working on it. Met Jonas at one of the Haxe conferences nice guy from Brazil doing some great projects on stuff like public transport simulation, think he may have worked with Caue in the past.

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Yes I’ll give another try to hxBit maybe mini.
Then I can always work with SPOD the lib seems to be maintained.
But for the client-server communication, I’m using haxe.remoting, is there maybe something more up to date ? And haxe.web.Dispatch…


I spoke maybe to quickly, tink_web looks fine and not so “heavy” I feared. Have you any simple examples for web routing and remoting maybe somewhere ? Another than these in the documentations ?

Regarding documentation, it is very “light”.

You can look into the tests.

Record-macros is still maintained and works well but you have to use the github version.
I use tink sql for anything with tink web but record_macros for projects without it (the biggest factor IMO being one uses sync and is ORM like and tink sql is using async promises and is naturally suited to use with tink web).