Haxe output souce code obfuscation

does haxe support some obfuscation on source code for php or other source based languages (js, python and etc)?

i need simple obfuscation which renaming functions classes variables and etc

That is interesting idea.

AFAIK, there is no such feature currently ( Somebody may correct me ). But it is very cool if Haxe have obfuscation mode for generating source code.

For now, I just add other obfuscation tool into my build process.

As @fnaith said, the easiest thing is to use whatever tools already exist for obfuscation, e.g. for JavaScript you would use Google Closure in advanced mode (assuming your code supports that). This can be seamlessly integrated into the build as it is with -lib closure or -lib uglifyjs.

how about obfuscation for php?

There’s a whole number of PHP obfuscators but if you know which one is most suited for your use case I suspect you would get much better advise in a PHP community than here ^^