Haxe launch issue

Hi, I download different version of Haxe, setup and folder, but when i launch it , i can see only a black window and nothing, someone know what is the problem?

P.s. Sorry if my english is bad

Do you have a screenshot of that window?

Is a bit hard do a screenshot in 0.2 sec, but i can say that isn’t blank, i’m new in this world, maybe i forgot to download something?

Edit: I played a bit with with video editor because record a video and do a screenshot on the right moment is the best that i can do, so i have it, and where i can show you?

Are you clicking on haxe.exe from an explorer window? If so, that’s not how you use a compiler. :slight_smile: It’s a command-line application that you need to invoke through terminal. Alternatively/in addition, you should install an IDE with Haxe support (Visual Studio Code + Haxe extension is a great option nowadays).

Well i say that i’m new in this world, my thought was that sooner or later i would do something stupid, so how i can use it?

Here’s how to do a hello world program in haxe:

The cookbook is a great resource to learn how to do specific things in haxe, you can also check the apis at https://api.haxe.org/.

I recommend using visual studio code, with the vshaxe extension, learn more about it at Home · vshaxe/vshaxe Wiki · GitHub.

There’s also the manual Introduction - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit which is great to get a full view of haxe, but that’s not beginner friendly, so keep that for later.

ok thanks, i will do as you say, hope that what you link me is a help, so you advise me a game engine with axe, what i learned in this forum is that haxe is not a engine, but is a valid thing code that i dont know ho to use (yes i clicked on axe.exe from the explorer), and i dont want to use unity, it is good, i think, but i want to try haxe