Haxe as root (or meta) language

Hi, my name is Markus. Some project ideas fill my mind. Everytime I plan a project, I am thinking: “It would be so cool to have this functionality also in other programming languages. But I do not want to write everything twice or more times… parsers for example”. It would make sense to write it in Haxe and use the library in multiple target languages…

My idea is to publish packages in every target package management system. So instead of publishing to Haxelib, the developer publishes to Nuget for C#, to Maven for Java, to NPM for Javascript, and so on… Also testing could be unified.

From my point of view it is annoying… “most” problems are already solved, but are, for example, only available in C++… computational geometry for example. Haxe could be THE meta language. Write it once and use it everywhere.

Of course, this is already possible, somehow…

What do you think?

There is a good example of such a library: daff

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Once upon a time i created an initiative but never actually have the energy and time to work on it…


Cool. Are you still interested in “napi”? I currently have not much time for programming… Maybe in some years. But thinking/reading/writing with you should work. If yes, we can stay in contact.