Hashlink Server-side Apache Mod

Hej all,

I wonder if Hashlink can be used as I used Neko with Apache (mod_neko).
First, is it a good think to use Hashlink with Apache ? Is there a hl_mod or something like that ?
Is Hashlink as mature as I can use it like PHP or Neko for server side prod ?
Has Hashlink all standard features as PHP or Neko for server side jobs ? Files, DB ?
Can I use it for production ?


if you choose from Neko, HL or PHP, then I’d say: go for PHP. Apache+PHP is a battle tested feature rich ecosystem, it has tons of third party php libs for all possible cases. It has mature tools like debuggers or server monitoring. And it’s easy to find a cheap hosting. And PHP7 has better performance than neko.

how do you handle pushing from server to client with php7 ? ( in haxe way) is there any library for it ?

Hej Aleksandr,

Thank you for the answer.
Yes, I use Haxe/PHP in my job for years now and for my personal uses Neko.
Now that’s I’ve seen PHP7 and Hashlink as Haxe new targets, I just wanted to know if it is possible to use Hashlink as an server alternative for Neko. I think there is no mod_hashlink but I think I could use it through FastCGI. But you’re right, PHP has a lot of libraries so I’ll go for PHP7 for now.

@r8code : I don’t know if there is a lib for that but you could do it in “comet style”

Depends on what kind of things you want to push.

it’s json through protobuff
i’m still considering using nodejs or php (it’s for turned based game)