General Site Suggestions

(Dmitry Hryppa) #19

@ibilon, thank you. That helped.

(Michael Solomon) #20

Haxe highlightsing? Would be great

(Valentin Lemière) #21

Discourse uses highlight.js which contains haxe, but it’s not available in the admin panel, they may use an outdated version. I’ll see if it can be updated.

(Valentin Lemière) #22

Changed the categories, fused macros/beginner/uncategorized in a single haxe category.
But activated the tags, need to be level 1 to create a new one, don’t hesitate to ask the team to create some.

You can show all topics for a tag by clicking on it.

Also added an event category, don’t hesitate to promote your events about haxe!

(Michael Solomon) #23

I think it should be a high level privilege, well defined and organized tags are very important.
Maybe the administration should create the basics one and add more where needed

(Valentin Lemière) #24

You’re right, users now can’t create tags (don’t hesitate to ask for new ones to be added)

Currently the following tags exists:
haxe-cs, haxe-js, haxe-swf, haxe-neko, haxe-java, haxe-php, haxe-cpp, haxe-hl, haxe-as3, haxe-cppia, haxe-python, haxe-lua, game, extern, generic, library-showcase, server, merchandise, mobile, web, project-showcase, raspberrypi, macro, ide, cli, linux, windows, osx, type-parameter, reflection, dce, documentation, haxelib, std, debugging, hxml, async.

Which should be enough :smiley:

Question categorisation
(Jeff Ward) #25

FYI, the header is doing weird things as I navigate around the site:



FYI, it appears that the forum uses .extra-info-wrapper in the header, and perhaps you could hide these with:

header .extra-info-wrapper { display:none; }

Though I’m not sure if it ever presents important info up there.

(Michael Solomon) #26

To be honest I don’t like it at all :slight_smile:

(Joshua Granick) #27

Visit and scroll





You can see that in Discourse, the header of the site is collapsed, and a tile for the topic you are reading is displayed. We have two separate icons on the OpenFL forums to handle this transition, but I’m sure there are other ways to do this too :slight_smile:

(Valentin Lemière) #28

Should be better now.
And hopefully I didn’t break the read status this time :sweat_smile:

(Dmitry Hryppa) #29

Currently header is still a little bit broken, so maybe this css will be helpful:

.extra-info-wrapper {
.d-header {
.brand.sub::before {
    margin-left: -41px;
    margin-top: -21px;

(Valentin Lemière) #30

@dmitryhryppa what browser is that? Looks fine for me on firefox and chrome linux.

(Dmitry Hryppa) #31

@ibilon that’s Chrome on Windows. Opera looks the same. And Edge has some troubles. :slight_smile:

(Asim) #32

Can we have a new category [Tutorials] ?.

(Valentin Lemière) #33

@socialflasher Added one.

(Jonas Malaco) #34

what browser is that? Looks fine for me on firefox and chrome linux.

I see the issue too; Chrome 62 on Linux.

(Louis Pearson) #35

Same problem here: Firexfox 56.0 on Linux.

(Michael Solomon) #36

Please add typedef tag (and maybe open dedicated topic for missing tags… )

(Mark) #37

Why create a tag for a keyword?

(Michael Solomon) #38

hm… cause this is a topic… I think…