Games won't run

games such as friday night funkin and ritz won’t run on my pc. i’ve tried reinstalling the games, disabling my antivirus, restarting my computer, and freeing up some space (especially since i have over 400 fnf mods on my pc). im trying to get either some extra tips for a fix on this or one of the haxe members to contact me regarding the issue.

Haxe community does not provide support to end user gamers and modders directly, fnf communities would likely be more able to help you here. This is since there are lots of fnf fans but only a small number of haxe coders, and many Haxe coders have no specific interest in fnf code base and may not even use flixel or OpenFL toolkit.

However if your interested to learn and explore coding Haxe you will get lots of support especially if you start with just some simple Haxe with javascript, and once you have some simple canvas experiments running then explore some of the toolkits, libraries and targets that Haxe has to offer.

Posts like yours will often be ignored, since we are not here to provide support for a specific product but to explore the use of a programming language, if you explore the language then likely you will be able to easily resolve your question given some patience and investment in learning. Sorry that’s just how it is.

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