Error when a comment breaks code. Is it a bug or feature?

class Test 
    static function main() 
        Test./*comment*/foo();  //Error: Unexpected foo
    static function foo()

Should work if the dot is after the comment

Yep, but the question is still actual. Should comments be ignored in any place?

Don’t think so. I don’t think any language will allow cla/**/ss or func/**/tion

For example, Test./*comment*/foo(); works fine in typescript/js.

There are a ton of things that works in TS but not in Haxe, and vice versa.

At the end, I think it is neither a bug nor feature. It is just how the Haxe parser works right now.

It sure looks to be a bug, so it’d be best to just report it. If there’s a reason why this doesn’t work, it will be given.

Thanks. Done. Error when a comment breaks code · Issue #9886 · HaxeFoundation/haxe · GitHub
Simon’s reaction is lightning fast. It’s not a bug.