Error: The input swf ./../src/library.swf is corrupted only with haxe_lin_32

I am getting Error: The input swf ./…/src/library.swf is corrupted when building with haxe on Windows Subsystem for Linux Ubuntu 64 with haxe dev build 27e7579, a build before there were some breaking changes to the macro Types.

However, it works perfectly fine compiling with haxe_win_32 build of the same commit. What can possible be causing this? I never previously had build errors on linux and swf-lib when I was initially developing on pure linux.

Please let me know if there is a way to debug this.

I have tried rebuilding the library.swf on linux and it is still causing the same error.

I’m going to see if this errors with haxe HEAD.

Fixed: This doesn’t occur in 3.4.7. If you can point me in the direction of where this was resolved, it would be appreciated but I understand if this isn’t a reasonable possibility.