Designing Kitchens in 3-D

Hi everyone,
I am excited to announce that I recently completed a huge project in Haxe, the RTA Outdoor Kitchen Design Tool!. The client tells me that it will be featured on this Saturday morning on “Fox and Friends Weekend”.

Haxe libraries used were OpenFL, PureMVC, Glory, Advanced Layout, and Away3D.
Big thanks to everyone who made these amazing tools! I could not have done it without you and the fantastic Haxe community!

I say a bit more about the project over on my blog..



Wow! How cool is this! Feels very usable. When you drag the 3D model, it slows down nicely after I stop dragging (like there’s some inertia to it); would be nice if zoom/scroll worked similarly.

Changing the counter and surround at the end works great, though it wasn’t obvious to me that I could click those different squares, or which one was currently selected.

Anyhow, I’m now stuck at the boss level (level 5). How do I past the grill and on to level 6?

Thanks for the feedback! You must click “next” or “free quote” to move from Death Adder to Death Bringer.

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I will definitely look for an opportunity to address some of these ideas. Cheers!

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It seems really smooth. I would be nice to make it a bit more interactive, so you could amend stages from the final screen, setup interactive mouse etc… Also useful to show some quick fly throughs of the aim at the beginning to encourage people to step through the process. I used to do this away3D stuff a lot, and had stuff for setup with stage3D how does it compare with flash? I expect I could port over some of my old approaches did you use it with Starling at all? Did you use Collada models, my friend used to make them in Maya.

Thanks, I’d be interested to see some examples of what you describe! I haven’t found huge differences from Flash, although I only did a handful of things with Away3D and Papervision3D (its ancestor)—no Starling stuff. I did have an issue where I could not use antialiasing because it required enabling of shared WebGL context, which caused other issues. By setting “allow-high-dpi” to true I was able to improve display on mobile devices a lot. Yes I used Collada for this; it was a good fit for the workflow and the tools available are solid.

I just heard that the TV show appearance is pushed back to Sunday due to rain. They must be demonstrating their product outside.

Did it ever appear on TV?

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It turns out that the company’s products were featured but the design tool was not:

Still it was nice to be a part of something bigger than myself. :slight_smile:

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Ah. Neat. I bet if he’d recorded and sent AOT a few seconds of a screencast of him using the tool, they could’ve integrated that into the segment.

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