Create a DLL for windows

Hello there.
Is it possible to create a DLL via hxcpp so i can load it through c# (WinForms). Basically, i want to create a 3D view and manipulate it through c# by taking advantage of the GUI. If it’s possible, are there any examples to do this on a Windows environment?

Any specific reason you want to use the C++ target for this rather than the C# target?

Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, i am using SDL with Opengl to create my 3D view.

You might try GitHub - flibitijibibo/SDL2-CS: SDL2# - C# Wrapper for SDL2 (listed on the official SDL bindings page)

I thought of compiling to C# but i already have done so much work on the C++ side, that rewriting everything is not an option.

You can try to use dll_link define which generates a dynamic library.
Check this link for more options: Defines (Target Details - C++) - Haxe - The Cross-platform Toolkit

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