Compile the latest Nape Physics

Hello, this is my first post here! I’m totally new to haxe. Basically I’m asking for help to compile the latest Nape Physics source to a swc as my code base is in as3.
I find the latest Nape Physics compiled swc is version 2.0.16. (from the site Nape Physics)
I check the github and see it has few new comments afterward but no more new released swc anymore.
The Nape Physic’s Haxe version has released to ver.2.0.20…(All versions of nape)
I’m not familiar with Haxe and don’t truly know how to compile the source code from the github. May I ask for help here, and please compile the latest source code to swc please?

You can probably just continue using the 2.0.16 swc, there haven’t really been any changes. Most of the recent updates are just compatibility fixes for newer Haxe compiler versions.

Hello, the main reason is that I see there is a memory leak fix for space.step() call. I use nape for collision detection and resolution. I also find that convexCast() triggers Garbage collection so often… I just hope there might be a fix for it.