Class Errors

While trying to build a game to html5, I encountered these 3 problems.

export/release/html5/haxe/ManifestResources.hx:1: character 1 : Malformed file. Source files must be encoded with UTF-8.
export/release/html5/haxe/ApplicationMain.hx:13: lines 13-295 : … Defined in this class
C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\std/sys/thread/Thread.hx:26: characters 8-52 : This class is not available on this target

Does anybody know if I should update anything? If you have any answers, help would be appreciated.

You probably have a invalid character on the first position in ManifestResources.hx
Try to open the file with Vim ( if you use Linux ) with “vim -b ManifestResources.hx” or if you use windows with some Hex editor ( at example HxD ) or notepad++ ( but showing all hidden characters)
Also you can check the encoding of the file ( with Notepad++ → Encoding → UTF-8)