Changing haxelib project owner

So i tried to submit a haxelib release for a project:

C:\Work\HaxeUI\backends\haxeui-flixel>haxelib submit
Which of these users are you: [haxeui,MSGhero,ianharrigan]
User : haxeui
Password :
Sending data....
File #39503005 accepted : 40348 bytes written
Processing file....
Error: Only project owner can modify project infos

And indeed looking at haxelib online it seems MSGHero is the “project owner”:

Is there a way to change this to “haxeui”? Someone mentioned that maybe it was the first person in the contributors array, but that doesnt seem to be the case as “haxeui” is the first person: Viewing haxelib.json on haxeui-flixel:0.0.0

So presumably its the first person who submitted to haxelib? Either way, is there a way to rectify this? Im in contact with “MSGHero” so there shouldnt be any issue with doing “something” if need be - its more about housekeeping so i can make my bulk haxelib releases for haxeui and all its backends.


Based on haxelib sources it looks like project owner is assigned upon the first submit and then never changed.
I guess you have to ask @andyli to update the owner field of a library in the haxelib database directly.

Great, thanks for the confirmation - hopefully we can get this moved over at some point. I presume MSGHero will have to “do the deed” (dont know his username here)

Thanks again,

@andyli - and thoughts about this? Shall i get MSGHere to email you or something?


Just updated the owner field in db. You should be able to submit with “haxeui” now.

Logged an issue at

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Perfect! Thanks very much Andy - confirmed as working - haxeui-flixel submitted as haxeui user… :+1:

Thanks again,