Can someone please review my PR to the Haxe Site?

(Robin) #1

What the title says. Its been more than a month since I’ve completed the PR, made all the changes requested by Mark and others. Could you guys please review and possibly accept my PR?

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(Simon Krajewski) #2

Yo, I appreciate the contribution. but trying to apply public pressure isn’t going to help with anything.

(Juraj Kirchheim) #3

Hmm. What is “going to help with anything” though? Perhaps you have an actionable suggestion to make?

(Mark) #4

What is “going to help with anything” though?

As I speak for myself; time. And since I have other priorities, this is not easily fixed. Keep in mind I’m just volunteer too :smiley:

Anyway, I reviewed it and made some comments, We’re close in getting this merged. :fire: