Building Haxe on Windows, problem with mingw64-mbedtls

I’m trying to build haxe on Windows 10 following these instructions.

When running make -f it errors because of mbedtls.

Searching online I found that building and installing this: GitHub - Simn/mingw64-mbedtls is supposed to solve it.

But following those instructions when I run cygport mingw64-x86_64.cygport all it fails with this error:

CMake Error: The source directory "/cygdrive/c/projects/haxecompiler/mingw64-mbedtls/mingw64-x86_64-mbedtls-2.16.3-1.noarch/src/mbedtls-2.16.3" does not exist.

But the directory does in fact exist. I’m stuck and out of ideas of how to debug this.

You can just unpack Releases · Simn/mingw64-mbedtls · GitHub into your cygwin root. I would like to make this easier to setup, but I struggle to figure out how to work with cygwin packages. If anyone wants to help with that, please let me know. Having an official cygwin package for this would of course be ideal.

Thanks! It’s building!