Application without SSE2?

Is it possible to write an application with HAXE without SSE2 instruction set extension?
Preferred deploying as Widnows exe.

To deploy as a windows executable you have two possibilities:

A neko booted file, you compile to neko using haxe and do nekotools boot file.n.
I don’t know if this use sse2, it’ll depend on how the neko vm was compiled.
You can always compile it yourself GitHub - HaxeFoundation/neko: The Neko Virtual Machine, I assume that if you do that on a computer without sse2 then it won’t use it.

A hxcpp executable using the haxe cpp target.
Like for the nekovm if you compile it on a computer without see2 it’ll likely won’t use it.
Otherwise you’d need to pass a flag to the c++ compiler hxcpp-guide/ at master · snowkit/hxcpp-guide · GitHub no idea which one you need for microsoft’s compiler though.

Could you share why you need this? SSE2 support is very old and you need to go back quite a bit to find a cpu which doesn’t support it.
And those cpu aren’t likely to run a recent windows, not 100% sure that an hxcpp or neko executable can run on xp or 98.

Thank you for the detailed answer. I’ll deal with it the next few days.

Yes, I know (meanwhile) that SSE2 support has been available at AMD and Intel for about 15 years.

Our company wants to sell a small terminal (software+hardware) for the industry. An adapted Windows 7 should run on the terminal. Which works so far. It has opted for a rather obscure CPU (because cheap).Unfortunately this does not have SSE2 support. Which, of course, we didn’t realize until it was too late.

Meanwhile almost all programs needed SSE2, so no current browser is running, no Qt, Angular >= 2 is not running, JavaScript is very slow… That’s why I’m looking for other options. And it should be portable. And a friend called my attention to Haxe.

Here is the link to the CPU data sheet:

Again, thank you for the detailed answer.